The world around us is in constant motion -- the marketplace and the workplace are continuing to evolve.  There is no one “best” way to move forward; each of us is the leader of our own experience. 

You have the opportunity to design your future, including how you will respond to and navigate what you don’t directly control.  The design process incorporates how you define success and what you will do to continue to grow both professionally and personally.  This is not only about what you want to do, but why you want to do it, which then leads to alternatives on how you can get there.  Career development starts with personal leadership.  Partnering with a coach is a great way to design and establish your leadership foundation.



The Esprit de Merci Leadership Foundations Program provides an experiential learning environment combining individual self-paced assignments, small-group facilitated workshops and a one-on-one session with an experienced certified executive coach over a 12-week period to:

  • EXPLORE history, values and strengths

  • RECOGNIZE how you lead with your energy – how you show up and respond to a given situation

  • APPRECIATE, articulate, and refine your authentic operating style as a leader

  • IMPROVE your understanding of how your leadership style relates to others

  • UNDERSTAND and leverage the power of “hidden diversity” within a team

  • KNOW how to adjust when things are out of alignment and potential courses of action

  • CREATE leadership vision and goals

  • DEVELOP your personal leadership Design Principles to use as a basis for goal setting, planning and decision making

  • CONNECT with fellow participants and become part of an ongoing Esprit de Merci community



The program is an investment of both time and money. It is recommended for, but not limited to, early to mid-career professionals who are ready to do the work, build community and have fun along the way.  Enrollment is limited to 6 participants.



Registration is now open for the Fall (September-November) 2019 cycle of the Leadership Foundations Program.  Participants must be available to attend 4 bi-weekly group sessions and will schedule a personal one-on-one coaching session during the final month.



I will navigate with more awareness of my own energy and how it affects those around me.

I will have more confidence in my actions and decision making processes.

I enjoyed the opportunity to participate with others whose goals were to gain insights in order to reach a higher state for themselves.

I was able to put words and meaning to my personal strengths — learn about myself introspectively within the group.

I never took the time to truly self-reflect on myself. Days, weeks, months, and years go by so quickly that sometimes it is a blur … I have set aside time once a week to simply reflect on what was accomplished and what have gone right in life.

I’ve gained so much knowledge through this program which has allowed me to confirm things about myself that I may have thought about in private but have shared in an open forum.  Every day I am thinking and integrating my Design Principles into my life.