Change is constant and while it can be challenging, it is also an opportunity to design our future.  Esprit de Merci it is about doing things that matter for you and your organization – and not necessarily the way they’ve always been done.  Are you ready?

No two clients or circumstances are alike; the scenarios below are only a sampling of the work, and it begins with a conversation.

Growth, profitability and effective return on investment are important to your business, and long term success is not possible without engaged leaders and teams.

Because there are many factors that drive your success, we will work together to determine a strategic and holistic approach that may include organizational analysis, consulting, coaching and/or mentoring to design the future you seek for yourself and your organization.



Organizational leadership continues to transition with retirements and marketplace change, and a strong talent pipeline is critical for sustainability and future growth.  Personal leadership is the starting point, and in many cases, is not offered in formal education settings.  The Esprit de Merci Leadership Foundations Program is designed to discover more about who you are, how you work, and how you lead in order develop and refine your unique style.




The marketplace is changing and growing increasingly complex.  Employees are looking for a modern experience in the workplace, and to be led with authenticity and consistency.   How will you stay true to yourself while continuing to grow your business and evolve as a leader?



Are you new to formal leadership?  Perhaps you have demonstrated a mastery of a particular skill set, and now you are moving from being a peer to a manager.  How can you best learn and grow while serving your own team members effectively?


You've got a vision, and your ideas are taking off.  You wear many hats, and as your opportunity grows, the hours in a day do not.  What is your organizational strategy and business plan?  What are the leadership roles and capabilities needed for sustainable growth?



You’ve ascended the ranks of formal leadership, and it can be a lonely place at times.  How do you create opportunities to think out loud, explore ideas, avoid cyclical thought patterns, and continue to develop yourself while leading at the highest level?



Mergers and acquisitions are exciting, yet often challenging for leaders and employees.  Do you have a clear picture of your organization, your financials, and your culture? How will you take care of yourself and your team members before, during and after to ensure success?


team optimization

You lead and/or are a part of a dynamic team with different experiences, skills, talents, styles and perspectives.  How will you leverage this diversity to ensure the team operates to its fullest potential?  How will each individual grow personally and professionally as a member?